Terry McAuliffe for Governor

Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe's Transition

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Virginia — thank you for the honor of electing me to serve as your 72nd governor.

During the next four years, it will be my obligation and honor to continue in the tradition of bipartisan leadership and cooperation that has made our Commonwealth so great and allowed us to achieve so much.

The economic challenges Virginia faces are daunting: sequestration for another year and even more federal budget cuts on the horizon. But I believe that a daunting challenge is always a great opportunity. Working together, we will work to protect the jobs we have but also diversify our economy.

Over the coming months, I want to listen to and work with Republicans, Independents and Democrats to advance our shared goals. And over the next four years, I believe Democrats, Republicans and Independents in Richmond can work together to make Virginia a model for pragmatic leadership.

We can build great schools and invest in a modern transportation system. We can make sure Virginia is welcoming to everyone — regardless of race, religion, gender, or whom you love.

But all of that is only possible if Virginia is a model for bipartisan cooperation.

One of my Virginia political heroes, Thomas Jefferson, devoted his first inaugural address to bridging partisan divides, saying "every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle. We have called by different names brethren of the same principle."

Two centuries later, I know that's still true. Our differences of opinion aren't often a difference of principle or goal. As governor, I expect you to hold me to my pledge to work with all sides to deliver for you.

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