Terry McAuliffe for Governor

Women for Terry

A Note From Dorothy McAuliffe | See the Members of Women for Terry

Women for Terry is a bipartisan coalition of women from across Virginia who are committed to electing a Governor who will champion the causes that women in the Commonwealth care about and ensure that women and families are provided economic opportunity to grow Virginia's economy.

Our mission is to let Virginia voters know that Terry will make sure we do not turn the clock back on gender discrimination. Terry will be focused on ensuring that Virginia families and women are treated fairly in the workplace, and that the Government doesn't prevent them from being able to make health care decisions for themselves. Terry puts the economy ahead of ahead of partisan ideology and will work in a bipartisan way to ensure to make sure that Virginia is a welcoming place, and ensure that we stop the kind of divisive ideological agenda that has been the focus of Ken Cuccinelli's career.

Help us spread the word by signing up to join Women for Terry today.

A Note from Terry's Wife, Dorothy McAuliffe:

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of Women for Terry, a coalition of Virginia women, in support of Terry McAuliffe. I am honored to add my name to this list of over 400 women leaders from all across the Commmonwealth.

Terry is focused on jobs and opportunity, because he understands that a good job in a thriving economy builds stronger families, stronger communities and a stronger Commonwealth. A growing economy means Virginia can afford to make the investments we need in education, health care, and transportation.

These women of all ages, backgrounds, and from all across the Commonwealth, strong voices in their communities, know that Terry will protect and advance the issues women care about, and I encourage all of you to join us as we work together to keep moving Virginia forward.

Women-owned businesses are one of the fastest growing segments of the economy, and as an entrepreneur himself, Terry knows that Virginia cannot afford to let barriers prevent women from having these opportunities. As Governor, he'll also work to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and pass Equal Pay legislation.

Having lived in the Commonwealth for over 20 years and having raised our three daughters and two sons here, Terry is committed to making sure that Virginia is the best state to raise a family. This means strengthening our educational systems from Pre-K all the way through graduate school, including workforce training and other options, to provide career pathways for our children, returning Veterans, and existing workforce so they can get good jobs that are right for them here in Virginia.

Terry also is opposed to all efforts to restrict women's access to quality health care and will fight to protect a woman's right to make her own decisions about her medical care with her doctor. This includes supporting access to birth control so women have the ability to plan their families, and opposing divisive efforts to shut down women's health centers, many of which have effectively served the needs of so many women and families across the state for decades.

Together with Terry, we will all work to make sure women's voices are heard in this important election and over the next four years. Going forward, it is important that we protect and support the advances that have already been made by the hard work of so many . Please join us as Women for Terry, to ensure that the Commonwealth continues to move forward.

Women for Terry Members:

Abbi Easter, Chesterfield
Abbie Henrickson, Sterlling
Adrianne Bennett, Virginia Beach
Adrienne Snead, Roanoke
Aida Pacheco, Hanover
AJ Eccles, Lynchburg
Alane Callander, Fredericksburg
Aleta Fleming, Richmond
Alexis Crump, Chesterfield
Alexis Vanderhye, McLean
Alice Cohan, Alexandria
Alicia Knight, Fredericksburg
Alison Baird, Roanoke
Allyne Pittle
Alvia Lewis, Hampton
Amanda Herrmann, Arlington
Amelia Lightner, Richmond
Hon. Amelia Ross-Hammond, Virginia Beach
Amy Cloeter, Roanoke
Amy LaMarca, Fredericksburg
Amy Reger, Richmond
Amy Graley, Big Stone Gap
Andrea Geiger, King William
Andrea Jackson, Waynesboro
Andrea McGimsey, Leesburg
Andrea Saad, Moneta
Angela Marckesano Lynn, Charlottesville
Hon. Angelia Williams, Norfolk
Angelica Light, Norfolk
Anita Kozakewicz, Henrico
Hon. Anita Price, Roanoke
Ann Burks, Richmond
Ann Duncan, Bedford
Ann Seivertson, Charlottesville
Anna Currence, Richmond
Anna Epperson, Roanoke
Anna Hansen, Surry
Annabel Gunsallus, Charlottesville
Anne Atkins, Ashland
Anne Barriault, Richmond
Anne Deatherage, Fairfax
Hon. Anne Holton, Richmond
Anne Little, Fredericksburg
Anne Macfarlane, Roanoke
Anne Perrin, Salem
Anne Piedmont, Roanoke
Anne Rawley, Chesepeake
Annette Ozmer, Roanoke City
Annie Bartholomew, Ashburn
Annie Kasper, Richmond
Annie Pollard, Saint Stephens Church
Aria Meier, Norfolk
Arielou Marcy, Lynchburg
Atima Omara-Alwala, Arlington
Atoy Carrington, Norfolk
Audrey Collins, Chesapeake
Aviva Frye, Bristol
Barbara Bresler, Williamsburg
Barbara Burgess, Marshall
Barbara Caputo, Herndon
Hon. Barbara Favola, Arlington
Barbara Garner, Roanoke
Barbara Kanninen, Arlington
Barbara Klear, Norfolk
Col. Barbara Lee, Bluemont
Barbara Lee, Staunton
Barbara Lewis, Virginia Beach
Barbara Patterson, Chester
Barbara Van Voorst, Arlington
Barbra Zivelonghi, Vinton
Beatrice Head, Amelia Court House
Beatriz Amberman, Virginia Beach
Becky Coleman, Gate City
Beth O'Shea, McLean
Beth Rowland-Morin, Woodbridge
Bethany Cardone, Burke
Hon. Betsy Carr, Richmond
Bettie Leonard, Shenandoah
Bettie Washington, Hopewell
Bettina Lawton, Vienna
Betty Hosp, Roanoke
Betty Kenley, Mechanicsville
Betty Satterwhite, Richmond
Hon. Betty Squire, Richmond
Hon. Betty Tatum, Leesburg
Betty Webb, Saltville
Betty Webb, Smyth
Betty Zeiger, Lynchburg
Betty G. Kenley, Mechanicsville
Beverly Davis, Richmond
Beverly Outlaw, Suffolk
Beverly Thompson, craigsville
Billye White, Salem
Bobbie Kennedy Morris, Big Stone Gap
Bobby B. Crisp, Falmouth
Bonnie Beckett, Sterling
Bonnie De Trinis, Lyndhurst
Hon. Brenda Hamilton, Roanoke
Brenda Hill, Chesterfield
Hon. Brenda Pelham, Hopewell
Bridget Murphy, Reston
Brittany Anderson, Falls Church
Candy Ward, Fairfax
Carla Bailey, Virginia Beach
Carmen Bingham, Charlottesville
Carol Edmondson, Halifax
Carol Gilbert Sacks, Charlottesville
Carol Johanningsmeier, Suffolk
Carol Shrader, Virginia Beach
Carol Summerlyn, Portsmouth
Hon. Carol Wolf, Richmond
Carol Jones, Glen Allen
Carol Dois Woodward, Prince George
Carole Devine
Carolina Espinol, Arlington
Caroline Kahl, Alexandria
Caroline Kahl, Alexandria
Caroline Rock, Glen Allen
Carolyn Douglas, North Chesterfield
Carolyn Edmondson, South Boston
Carrie Bialous, Providence Forge
Carrie Nixon, Vienna
Catherine Hobbs, Fluvanna
Catherine Read, Fairfax
Catherine Ross, Alexandria
Catherine "Smitty" Connolly, Fairfax
Cathy Hudgins, Reston
Cathye Edwards, Roanoke
CeCe Conner, Charlottesville
Charisse Glassman, Falls Church
Hon. Charlotte Moore, Roanoke
Hon. Charnielle Herring, Alexandria
Cherie Lejeune, Vienna
Cheryl Williams, Richmond
Cheryl Zando, Henrico
Christie Ann Bieber, Henrico
Christine Burroughs, Centreville
Cianti Stewart-Reid, Richmond
Cindy Conner, Arlington
Cindy Hiddemen, Alexandria
Cindy Janechild, Charlottesville
Claire Dwoskin, McLean
Claudia Scott, Arlington
Claudia Sturges Scott, Arlington
Claudia Jeanne Keys, Culpeper
Colleen Coopersmith
Hon. Connie Brennan, Faber
Connie Cordovilla, Falls Church
Connie Kincheloe, Culpepper
Connie Sorrell, Midlothian
Constance Cameron, Wisville
Courtney Lynch, Glen Allen
Cyliene Montgomery, Brunswick
Hon. Cynthia Morrison, Portsmouth
Cynthia Neff, Albemarle
Cynthia V. Bailey, Richmond
Dana Young, Williamsburg
Dawn Erdman, Roanoke
Deb Fitzgerald, Harrisonburg
Debbie Lawson-Goins, Roanoke
Debbie Lockett, Fredricksburg
Debbie Reddick, Henrico
Deborah Baum, Floyd
Deborah Burroughs, Chesterfield
Deborah DeMasi, Fairfax
Deborah Ison, Wise
Deborah Landau, Blairs
Debra Swan, Alexandria
Dede Goldsmith, Abingdon
Hon. Del Pepper, Alexandria
Dell Erwin, Charlottesville
Delores Dunn, Hanover
Hon. Delores McQuinn, Richmond
Delores Phillips, Roanoke
Delores Ramirez, Virginia Beach
Deloris Thomas, Newport News
Denise Tuttle, Hardy
Dewita Soeharjano, Arlington
Diana Egozcue, Fredericksburg
Diana Read, Oak Hill
Diane Begala, McLean
Diane Kaufman, Norfolk
Diane Lewis, Midlothian
Diane Massa, Colonial Beach
Dianne Carter de Mayo, Gloucester County
Dietra Trent, Richmond
Divya Shenoy
Dolly Oberoi, Vienna
Dolores Hastings, Arlington
Donna Thompson, Lancaster
Dori McAuliffe, McLean
Doris Evens, Fairfax
Doris Jamison, York
Dorothy Blackwell, Lexington
Dorothy Clear, Spotsylvania
Dorothy Ricord, Gate City
Hon. Dr. Ella Ward, Chesapeake
Dr. Linda McLean, York
E.J. Scott, Manassas Park
Edna Frady, Falls Church
Eileen Davis, Henrico
Hon. Eileen Filler-Corn, Springfield
Eileen Huey, Chesapeake
Elaine Owens, Roanoke
Eleanor Killough, Williamsburg
Eleanor Saslaw, Springfield
Elisabeth Pearson, Alexandria
Elizabeth Cranwell, Roanoke
Elizabeth Jones, Chatham
Elizabeth La Grua, Swoope
Elizabeth Link, Fairfax
Elizabeth Lodal, McLean
Elizabeth Watson, Sterling
Elizabeth "Betty" Coll, Falls Church
Hon. Ella Ward, Chespeake
Ellen Douglas, Reston
Ellen Heald, Loudoun
Ellinor Washington, Prince William
Hon. Emilie Miller, Fairfax
Erin Bull, Blacksburg
Ernestine Jenkins, Prince William
Esther Vassar, Newport News
Eucharia Jackson, Richmond
Eula Hughes, Coeburn
Evelyn McBride, Lynchburg
Evelyn Morris Harris, Chesterfield
Evette Roots, Richmond
Evie Ifantides, Fairfax
Faye Mitchell, Chesapeake
Dr. Fizzah Gocke, McLean
Fran Cook, Chesterfield
Fran Gayle, Roanoke
Freddie Blount, Surry
Freeda Cathcart, Roanoke
Gail Gordon Donegan, Alexandria
Gail Hermosilla, Cross Junction
Gail Montuori, Radford
Gail Nardi, Richmond
Gail Lunstford, Appalachia
Gay Pasley, Alexandria City
Gayle Rubin, Vienna
Gaylene Kanoyton, Hampton
Gaynette LaRue, Hampton
Gena Boyle, Richmond
Gene Miles, Henrico
Dr. Geraldine Hunt, Virginia Beach
Gina Richard, Centreville
Gina Wood, Alexandria City
Ginger Mumpower, Roanoke
Ginny Peters, Mount Vernon
Gladys Hardy, Smithfield
Glenda Andes, Richmond
Gloria Clark, Roanoke
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal
Gloria Talbott, Saxe
Hon. Grace Han Wolf, Herndon
Graceanne Barbour
Gracie Hensley, Norton
Gracie Hensley, Norton
Hanh Deniston, Colonial Heights
Hannah Nixon, Manassas
Harriet Snead, Roanoke
Hazel Rigby, Alexandria
Heather Martin, Alexandria
Helen Kyle, Galax
Helene Kelly, King George
Holly Wallace, Alexandria
Holly L. Rowland, Chesapeake
Hope Davis, Pittsylvania
Irma Mitchell, Tazewell
Isabelle Conner, Charlottesville
Isabelle Richman, Henrico
J. Hornberg, Rockingham
Jackie Menefee, Chesapeake
Jaclyn Kinney, Arlington
Jacqueline G. Epps, Richmond
Jamie Nolan, Richmond City
Jan Wilson, Leesburg
Jane Helfrich, Richmond
Jane Huffman, Fredericksburg
Jane Plum, Reston
Jane L. Sheffey, Bristol
Janet Brooks, Hampton
Janet Carver, Springfield
Janet Demiray, Stuart
Hon. Janet Howell, Reston
Janet Muldoon, Annadale
Hon. Janet Oleszek, Fairfax
Janet Tate, Laurel Fork
Janyce Hedetniemi, Annadale
Jayne Byrnes, Reston
Hon. Jean Cunningham, Henrico
Jean Hornberg, Rockingham County
Hon. Jeanette Rishell, Manassas
Jeanne Carney, Vienns
Hon. Jeion Ward, Hampton
Jennie Shuklis, Standardsville
Jennifer Boysko, Herndon
Hon. Jennifer Little, Mathews
Hon. Jennifer McClellan, Richmond
Jennifer Oh, Vienna
Jennifer Tierney, James City
Jennifer Yane, Richmond
Jennifer Brummitte, Wise
Jessica Borda
Jessica Honke, Richmond
Jessica Jeanty
Jewell Morgan, Wise
Jo Redford, Richmond
Jo Ann Keller, Fairfax
Jo Louise Klein, Reston
Jo-Ann Mahony, Hampton
Joan Kark, Pearisburg
Joan Richards, Chesterfield
Joan Washburn, Roanoke
Joan A. Maher, Midlothian
Joann McDonald, Arlington
Joanna Hickman, Louisa
Jody Brown, Moneta
Hon. Jody Wagner, Virginia Beach
Joyce Boone Dilda, Roanoke
Dr. Joyce Glaise, Danville
Juanita Duffy, Carroll
Judith Buchanan, Newport News
Judith Eley, Culpeper
Judy Anderson
Judy Feder, McLean
Judy Napier, Powhatan
Judy Koop, Appalachia
Julia Fischer, Virginia Beach City
Julia Kim, McLean
Julia Link, Hardy
Julie Bates, Wise
Julie Jakopic, Alexandria
June Clark, Roanoke
June Mirabelli, Vienna
Kandi Mitchell, Bristow
Hon. Kandy Hillard, Stafford
Karen Kelly, Arlington
Dr. Karen Remley, Virginia Beach
Dr. Karen Schultz, Winchester
Karen White, Danville
Kasey Standridge, Virginia Beach
Kat Lineker, Midlothian
Hon. Kate Hanley, Reston

Kate Noon, Henrico
Kathe Feinman, Lynchburg
Katherine Barnett, McLean
Katherine OConnell, Harrisonburg
Hon. Katherine Waddell, Richmond
Katherine Zupan, Prince William
Kathleen Murphy, McLean
Kathleen Emerson McSweeney, Midlothian
Kathryn Hume, Fredericksburg
Kathy Baczko, Alexandria
Kathy Bowles, Goochland
Kathy Cole, Galax
Kathy Hackshaw, Fairfax
Kathy Neilson, Fairfax
Kathy Shupe, Sterling
Katie Webb Cyphert, Lynchburg
Kay Saul, Abingdon
Hon. Kaye Kory, Fairfax
Kelli Foster, Fredericksburg
Kelli Hart, Warren
Hon. Kelly Burk, Leesburg
Kelly Cannon, Richmond
Kelsey Bedolli, Richmond
Kendall Cloeter, Roanoke
Kerry McBride
Keturah Neville, Leesburg
Keyanna Conner, Henrico
Kim Adkins, Martinsville
Dr. Kim Allen, Richmond
Kimberly Chiapetto, Floyd
Hon. Kimberly Gray, Richmond
Kimberly Templeton, Roanoke
Kiran Shahani, Vienna
Kobby Hoffman, Charlottesville
Kris Shandor, Roanoke
Kristen Umstattd, Leesburg
Kristin Cabral, McLean
Krysta Jones , Arlington
Kym Crump, Front Royal
Lana Ingram, Fredericksburg
Lashrecse Aird, Petersburg
Laura Goodman, Alexandria
Laura Slattery, Staunton City
Laura Sanchez, Chesterfield
Laurel Foot
Lauren Hall, Arlington
Hon. Laurie Naismath, Norfolk
Leigh Thompson, Fairfax
Leigh Anne Collier Weinstein, Richmond
Leni Gonzalez, Arlington
Leslee Soudrette, Arlington
Leslie Borman
Leslie Byrne, Falls Church
Leslie Mason, McLean
Leslie Rubio, Richmond
Leslie Turner, Appalachia
Col. Lettie Bien, Charlottesville
Hon. Libby Garvey, Arlington
Lily Knol, Alexandria
Linda Brooks, Newport News
Linda Childs, Albemarle
Linda Cilla, Virginia Beach
Linda DiYorio, Wytheville
Linda Schulz, Cape Charles
Linda Seaman, Charlottesville
Linda Shuler, Elkton
Hon. Linda Wyatt, Roanoke
Lisa Collis, Alexandria
Lisa Guthrie, New Kent County
Lisa Hystad, Stanardsville
Lisa Thomas, Roanoke
Liz Howard
Lois Firestone, Virginia Beach
Loraine West
Lorena Rios, Reston
Lori Haas, Henrico
Lori Krenik, Henrico
Hon. Louise Lucas, Portsmouth
Louise Rosmer, Norfolk
Louise Diaz-Jenkins, Spring Grove
Louise Hutchinson, Williamsburg
Lovely Lall, Loudoun
Luann Chandler, Haymarket
Lucy Hutchinson
Lucy Thomas
Lynda Robb, McLean
Lynne O'Brien, McLean
M. Hunter, Fairfax
M.J. Williams, Christianburg
Mady McCoy, Fairfax
Maggi Luca, Fairfax
Maggie Sacra, Midlothian
Mame Reiley, Alexandria
Hon. Mamie Locke, Hampton
Marcia Dickinson, Richmond
Margaret Kugler, Lorton
Margaret Panik, Springfield
Margaret Whitaker, Lynchburg
Hon. Margi Vanderhye, McLean
Margie Robinson, Alexandria City
Margie Weidlich, Heardon
Margo Horner, Arlington
Mariam Eubank, Roanoke
Marian Hartman, Hampton
Marianne Simpson, Fredricksburg
Marie Ridder, McLean
Marilyn Ashe, Virginia Beach
Marjorie Clark, Richmond
Marjorie Signer, Arlington
Marlene Barney, Loudoun
Martha McClees, Virginia Beach
Martha Pulley, Richmond
Marti Wachtel, Portsmouth
Mary Biggs, Blacksburg
Mary Boyd, Fluvanna
Mary Carroll-Hackett, Rice
Hon. Mary Hynes, Arlington
Mary Lawson, Richmond
Mary McAuliffe, McLean
Mary Moran
Mary Morrison Alberg, Arlington
Mary Reichert
Mary Tisdale, La Crosse
Mary Alice Cross, Warrenton
Mary Ann Hovis, Oakton
Mary Ann Rudy, Alexandria
Mary Fran de la Pava, Alexandria
Mary Lily Nuckolls, Galax
Mary Lou Green, Loudoun
Mary Lynn Tate, Abingdon
Mary Margaret Cash, Richmond
Hon. Mary Sue Terry, Patrick
Hon. Mary-Margaret Whipple, Arlington
Maryellen Nealon, Winchester
MaryMartha Christianson, Accomac
Mattie Urquhart, Franklin
Maureen Markham, Arlington
Meg Williams, Kingstowne
Megan Beyer, Alexandria
Melanie Gerheart, Colonial Heights
Melanie Salyer, Big Stone Gap
Melissa Fernlund, McLean
Melynda Taylor, Bristol
Meredith Forney, Williamsburg
Michele Joyce, Smithfield
Michelle Collins-Robinson, Chester
Michelle McKay, Williamsburg
Michelle Moffit, Salem
Molly Payne, Goochland
Molly Snyder, Front Royal
Hon. Molly Ward, Hampton
Mona Malik, Great Falls
Monica Rokiki, Roanoke
Monica Wiley, Henrico
Muriel Wiggins, Charlottesville
Myra Allen, Roanoke
Myra Howard, Richmond
Myrna Frankle, Williamsburg
Nadja Golding, McLean
Nan Johnson, Heardon
Nancy Berger, Midlothian
Nancy Brooks, Poquoson
Nancy Finch, Chesterfield
Hon. Nancy Horn, Roanoke
Nancy Jones, Waynesboro
Nancy Martin, Springfield
Nancy McNerney, McLean
Nancy McPherson, Chesspeake
Nancy O'Brien, Charlottesville
Nancy Rice, Vienna
Hon. Nancy Rodrigues, Spring Grove
Nancy Shaver, Chesterfield
Nancy Weiss, Virginia Beach
Natalie Grayson, Suffolk
Natalie Jenkins, Essex
Nikki Chantal
Nita Jones, Richmond
Opal Stroup, Fredericksburg
Paige Archer, Yorktown
Pam Danner, McLean
Pamela Yeung, Stafford
Pat Churchman, Rockingham
Pat Okerlund, Chesapeake
Patricia Brown, Centreville
Patricia Henry, Roanoke County
Hon. Patricia Hynes, Reston
Hon. Patsy Ticer, Alexandria
Patti Church, Lee County
Hon. Paula Miller, Norfolk
Paulette McElwain, Richmond
Paulette Molin, Hampton City
Pearl H. Smith, Richmond
Pearl Raikin, Springfield
Pearl Smith, Dahlgren
Peg Hogan, Arlington
Peg Willingham, Falls Church
Peggie Foster, Rocky Mount
Peggy Davis, Fincastle
Peggy Eaton, Radford City
Peggy Henward, Richmond
Peggy Raines, Mc Gaheysville
Penny Millson Martula, Madison Heights
Penolope "Penny" Rood, Fairfax
Phillips Mitchell, Alexandria
Phoebe Antrim, Richmond
Phyllis KochSheras, Charlottesville
Dr. Phyllis Moore-Tolliver, Disputanta
Phyllis Randall, Lansdowne
Phyllistine Mosley, Lynchburg
Pixie Bell, Fairfax
Priscilla Casey, Roanoke
Priscilla Jones, Lynchburg
Rachel Rifkind, Annandale
Rachel Zeigler, Fairfax
Rebecca Geller, Fairfax Station
Rebecca Hill, Falls Church
Rebecca Jaramillo, Fauquier
Hon. Rebecca Reed, Fredericksburg
Rebecca Shankman, Radford
Regina Rodwell-Bell, Franklin
Renee Grisham, North Garden
Rhoda Dreyfus, Charlottesville
Rita Paulin Lewis, Roanoke
Rita Willis, Henrico
Hon. Robin Abbott, Newport News
Robin Crane, Richmond
Robin Gardner, Henrico
Rosa Jimenez, Crozet
Rosalee Nuckolls, Bluefield
Hon. Rosalyn Dance, Petersburg
Rose Chu, Falls Church
Rose Mary Holbrook, Coeburn
Rosel Schewel, Lynchburg
Dr. Rosemarie Pelletier, Leesburg
Rosemary Mahan, Coles Point
Hon. Roslyn Tyler, Sussex
Roxanne Meija, Burke
Ruby Evans, Sutherland
Ryan O'Shea, McLean
S. Ann Robinson, Leesburg
Sadie Powell, Roanoke
Sally McAuliffe, McLean
Sally Mullikin, Richmond
Samia Farouki, McLean
Sandra Brandt, Virginia Beach
Sandra Klassen, Reston
Sandra Price-Stroble, Harrisonburg
Sandra Warden, Tazewell
Sandy Bruton, Cumberland
Sara Law, Montclaire
Sarah Abubaker Mansell, Richmond
Sarah Bartell, Ashland
Sarah Bennett, Fairfax
Sarah Goodman, Roanoke
Sarah Hogg, Harrisonburg City
Sarah Pollard Chiffriller, Richmond
Sarah Ellen Peaslee, Charlottesville
Shalva Braxton, Petersburg
Hon. Shannon Taylor, Henrico
Hon. Shannon Valentine, Lynchburg
Hon. Sharon Bulova, Fairfax
Hon. Sharon McDonald, Norfolk
Sharon Solomon, Winchester City
Sharon Stark, Fairfax Station
Sharron Kitchen Miller, Newport News
Sharyn Fox, Newport News
Shaunica Pridgen, Alexandria
Sheila Baynes, Danville
Sheila Coates, Herndon
Hon. Sheila Olem, Herndon
Sheila Thayer, Chesterfield
Hon. Sherri M. Bowman, Providence Forge
Sherry Dana, Springfield
Sherry Wallace, Roanoke
Shiraz Panthaky
Shirley Price, Bublin
Sindy Benavides, Arlington
Stephanie Dix Clifford, Arlington
Stephanie Headley, Dendron
Stephanie Merk, Forest
Sue Boucher, Falls Church
Stephanie Headline, Dendron
Sue Ivey, Williamsburg
Sue Langley, Vienna
Sue Liggett, Clarke
Sue Rosenberg, Vienna
Susan Blasco, Stafford
Susan Boniva, Richmond
Susan Cloeter, Roanoke
Susan Mariner, Virginia Beach
Susan Payne, Charlottesville
Susan Platt, Great Falls
Susan Prokop, Lovingston
Susan Rowland, Chesapeake
Susan Singer, Richmond
Susan Swecker, Richmond
Major Susan B. Kellom, Alexandria
Susie Dixon Garner, Galax
Susie Warner, Fairfax Co.
Suzanne Conrad, Wincester
Suzanne Creasey, York
Suzanne Liggett, Berryville
Suzanne Ramsey, Wise
Suzanne Sword, Richmond
Suzette Matthews, Marshall
Sydney England, Emory
Sylvia Ellis, Virginia Beach
Sylvia Foster, Danville City
Sylvia Hallock, Crozet
Sylvia Ryder, Portsmouth
Sylvia Torres, Pueblo, Colorado
Tania Hossain, Glen Allen
Tarina Keene, Alexandria
Teddy Goodson, Fairfax
Teresa Caviness, Richmond
Teresa Champion, Springfield
Teresa Selove, Centreville
Therese May, Mechanicsville
Tiffany Gibson, Chesterfield
Tiffany Reed
Tina Clarke, Leesburg
Hon. Tina Hone, Fairfax Co.
Toby Zakin, Charlottesville
Hon. Toddy Puller, Alexandria
Toni Mote, Virginia Beach
Toni Zito, Virginia Beach
Tracey Jackson, Midlothian
Tracey Pirkey, Roanoke
Traci Anderson, Hanover
Traci Dippert, Culpeper
Trish McLeod-Jackson, Roanoke
Trish White-Boyd, Roanoke
Tyra Fitch, Virginia Beach
Valerie L'Herrou, Albemarle
Valorie MacInnis, Buena Vista City
Vanda Jaggard, Suffolk
Vicki Wray, Roanoke
Vickie McCormick, Roanoke
Victoria Cochran, Blacksburg
Victoria Cornetta, Portsmouth
Virgie Craighead, Roanoke
Virginia "Jinks" Holton, Irvington
Vivian Sanchez-Jones, Roanoke
Hon. Vivian Watts, Annandale
Wanda Ostrander, Roanoke
Dr. Wendy Klein, Richmond
Wilhelmina Flythe Santiful, Eduburg
Yvonne Weight Callahan, Alexandria
Zarina Fazaldin, Richmond

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