Terry McAuliffe for Governor

Latinos con Terry

Terry McAuliffe is committed to supporting the growing Latino Community here in Virginia. The contrasts between how a McAuliffe administration and a Cuccinelli administration would relate to the issues critical to the Latino Community are stark and speak directly to the priorities of each candidate.

Terry McAuliffe:
Putting Virginia First

Ken Cuccinelli:
Focused On His Own Agenda

Build a Strong Economy: As Governor, Terry will work to create jobs and make Virginia the best state for business. By building on our strengths and diversifying our economy we can create the foundation for years of prosperity.

Ban Undocumented Immigrants from School: In the State Senate, Cuccinelli supported making Virginia the only state in the country to bar children who may have been brought here by their parents from enrolling in state colleges and requiring universities to expel undocumented students already enrolled.

Support the Virginia DREAM Act: Terry is a strong supporter of the bipartisan VA DREAM Act, introduced by Delegate Alfonso Lopez, which sadly failed in the legislature this year. This act would allow immigrant children who came to Virginia with their parents to pay in-state tuition at public universities here in the Commonwealth.

Fire Employees for Speaking Spanish or Portuguese: Cuccinelli also sponsored controversial legislation that would make speaking another language at the workplace a fire-able offense that could result in loss of unemployment benefits, even if the employee was speaking while on a break.

Support the Expansion of Medicaid: Terry also believes strongly in supporting Virginia’s struggling families by supporting the expansion of health insurance to 400,000 Virginians. This would be a lifesaver for hundreds of thousands of Virginians, a cost saver for the state, and a job saver for our health care industry and would create at least 33,000 direct new health care jobs by 2021.

Change the US Constitution: Cuccinelli supports changing the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that deems any individual born in the United States a citizen.

Make Virginia a Welcoming State: As Governor, Terry will not tolerate any sort of discrimination, including ethnicity, country of origin, gender, and religion. Terry supports creating a responsible pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in this country.

Deny Emergency Care to the Uninsured: As Attorney General, Cuccinelli supported dialing back EMTALA, the law signed under President Reagan that requires emergency rooms to provide services to individuals regardless of immigration status or ability to pay. When asked what would happen to people in need of care who couldn’t afford treatment, Cuccinelli responded, “human beings will adjust.”

Support Virginia’s Schools: For entirely too long Virginia has taken our school system for granted and that neglect is starting to show. As Governor, Terry will work to reform the SOLs, support teachers and school systems, and create an education system that works for all of our kids


Latinos Con Terry Steering Committee

Chantel Acosta, Richmond
Salem Acuna, Richmond
Onedia Adams, Richmond
Karla Aguayo, Charlottesville
Allie Aguilar, Woodbridge
Luis Aguilar, Falls Church
Allie Aguilera, Arlington
Marizza Aguirre, Vienna
Gonzalo Aida, Richmond
Samantha Aida, Richmond
Bonita Albert, Richmond
Monique Alcala, Richmond
Ana Maria Alfaro, Arlington
Ashley Alvarez, Midlothian
Elsa Alvarez, Henrico
Keiko Alvarez, Arlington
Abby Amalbert, Richmond
Beatriz Amberman, Virginia Beach
Antigone Ambrose, Richmond
Morales Angela, Richmond
Elvira Angulo, Hanover
Raulin Angulo, Hanover
Sonia Arango, Richmond
Gaston Araoz, Arlington
Jaime Areizaga-Soto, Arlington
Elmer Arias, Fairfax
Daniella Aricha, Charlottesville
Nina Bacote, Henrico
Jackie Baires, Arlington
Jacqueline Baires, Arlington
Harold Baldizon, North Chesterfield
Ibrahim Bangura, Richmond
Ibrahim Bangura, Richmond
Cecelia Barbosa, Richmond
Valarie Barracato, Midlothian
Yoliani Barrera, Roanoke
Melanie Bau, Richmond
George Becerra, Fairfax
Sindy Benavides, Springfield
Jose Benitez, Richmond
Santos Benitez, Sterling
Anneli Berube, Richmond
Susan Bickford, Alexandria
Roberto Bobolinski, Virginia Beach
Martha Bochilo, Alexandria
Nickolay Bochilo, Alexandria
Wilfredo Bohorquez, Arlington
Yoly Bonilla, Manassas
Isabel Booth, Roanoke
Camila Borja, Richmond
Beatriz Borrero, Winchester
Rosa Briceno, Annandale
Sarita Brown, Arlington
Nubia Brunal, Roanoke
Ruano Bryan, Richmond
Ann Burrus, Richmond
Alejandra Caballero, Alexandria
Richard Cabellos, Manassas
Rene Cabral-Daniels, Williamsburg
Julian Cajigas, North Chesterfield
Manuel Cajigas, North Chesterfield
Rebecca Cantu, Chester
Marlene Carbonell, Richmond
Vanessa Cardenas, Fairfax
Lona Carlos, Richmond
Dulce Carrillo, Falls Church
Donna Carvana, N. Chesterfield
Mike Casanovas, Richmond
Anayancy Cascante, Richmond
Elizabeth Cascone, Richmond
Maurico Castillo, Richmond
Carlos Castro, Woodbridge
Karla Castro, Charlottesville
La Juana Chambers, Henrico
Christine Chavez, Washington DC
Deanna Chavez, Mechanicsville
Keisy Chavez, Centreville
Erik Chikas, Roanoke
Roy Chipana, Woodbridge
Eva Colen, Richmond
Marieli Colon Padilla, Richmond
Aurora Contreras, Chesterfield
Oscar Contreras, Richmond
Dadly Cordero, Alexandria
Carmen Correa, Manassas
Gabriel Cortes, Arlington
Daniel Cruz, Alexandria
Teodora Cruz, Midlothian
Javier Cuebas, Alexandria
Maria Cutipa, Falls Church
Daniel D'Oleo, Roanoke
Oris D'Oleo, Roanoke
Charlotte de Dios, Midlothian
Emily De Fiesta, North Chesterfield
Elvira de la Cruz, Richmond
Elvira De la Cruz, Hopewell
Nico de Leon, Richmond
Betina Dean, Reston
Cesar del Aguila, Fairfax
Betty del Toro, Stafford
Carlos del Toro, Stafford
DW Delmis, Richmond
Daniel Domingo, Richmond
Ingrid Duran, Falls Church
Walter Duran, Richmond
Antonio Elias, Richmond
Laura English, Richmond
Mauricio Escamilla, Richmond
Victor Escobar, Midlothian
Lisette Escorzia, Roanoke
Cecelia Espenoza, Arlington
Carolina Espinal, Arlington
Karla Espinoza, Arlington
Maria Espiritus, Richmond
Fidel Estrada, Alexandria
Rosalia Fajardo, Annandale
Kathy Farrar, Richmond
Carmen Feliciano, Henrico
Ponce Ferguson, Richmond
Carmen Fernandez, Arlington
Wilken Fernandez, Henrico
Alicia Fernandez- Bobolinski, Virginia Beach
Marvin Figueroa, Arlington
Joakima Fisher, North Chesterfield
Millie Flinn, Richmond
Basilio Flores, Roanoke
Dawn Flores, Richmond
Jaime Flores, Alexandria
Idaglia Florez, Richmond
Torres Francisco, Richmond
Paulo Franco, Richmond
Charlotte Fritts, Winchester
Kiara Fuentes, Richmond
Rosa Fuentes, Arlington
Patricia Gaitan, McLean
Soraya Galeas, Reston
Edward Galligan, Henrico
David Garcia, Arlington
Dennis Garcia, Arlington
Noelle Garcia, Richmond
Evelyn Garcia Morales, Arlington
Emmanuel Gemellas, Midlothian
Marina Giovanini, Arlington
Jeannie Gniazdowski, Roanoke
Bobbie Gonzales, Richmond
Estella Gonzales, Roanoke
Martin Gonzales, Richmond
Melody Gonzales, Arlington
Oscar Gonzales, Washington DC
Santos Gonzales, Herndon
Stella Gonzales, Roanoke
Francisco Gonzalez, Richmond
Helen Gonzalez, Midlothian
Leni Gonzalez, Arlington
Tanya Gonzalez, Richmond
Vicente Gonzalez, Richmond
Ronnie Guerrero, Arlington
Justini Guevara, Arlington
Falilou Gueye, Richmond
Jennifer Guillen, Richmond
Julio Gutierre, Winchester
Alexander Guzman, Springfield
Ada Hermoza, Fairfax
Jennyfer Hernandez, Chesterfield
Maria Hernandez, North Chesterfield
Tani Herrera, Sterling
Muna Hijazi, Richmond
Rachel Hilton, Richmond
Monica Hoyos, Henrico
Felipe Ibarra, Alexandria
Anita Jaramillo, Nokesville
Natalie Jaramillo-Ortberg, Warrenton
Kelsea Jeter, Richmond
Anthony Jimenez, Vienna
Lilia Jimenez-Siuhengalu, Reston
Michael Johnakin, Henrico
Matthew Jones, Roanoke
Rosa Jordan, Richmond
Ricardo Juarez, Prince William
Jackie Kemper, Richmond
Carmen Khokar, Roanoke
Edwin Lainez, Chesterfield
Carol Lajoie, Richmond
Lily Lamberta, Richmond
Diego Leal, Richmond
Rhonda Ligon, Richmond
Alfonso Lopez, Arlington
Chelvy Lopez, Harrisonburg
Dayame Lopez, Roanoke
Kristina Lopez, Chesterfield
Maria Lopez, Henrico
Rocio Lopez, Chesterfield
Henry Lopez-Gudiel, Falls Church
Michael Lubin, Henrico
Jessica Lucia, Richmond
Michael Lugardo, Washington DC
  Cristina Lugo, Richmond
Esther Lugo, Richmond
Juanita Luiz, Alexandria
Tito Lunas, Richmond
Natalie Luque, Charlottesville
Danielle Macias, Richmond
Mariposita Madrid, Woodbridge
Lori Maes, Arlington
Veronica Malpaya, Chester
Jose Mancia, Alexandria
Rene Mancia, Richmond
Braxton Marcela, Fairfax
Victor Marquez, Norfolk
Nury Marquez, Reston
Carlos Martinez, Winchester
Carmen Martinez, Richmond
Jorge Martinez, North Chesterfield
Martin Martinez, Winchester
Ramon Martinez, Richmond
Paul Maso, Midlothian
Juanita Matthews, Richmond
Jose Mayorga, Manassas
Amanda McCullough, Nokesville
Evan Medina, Richmond
Antonio Mendoza, Annadale
Goldy Mendoza, Annandale
Fernando Mercado-Violand, Charlottesville
Louisa Meruvia, Farifax
lola messall, Richmond
Barbara Mitchell, Broadlands
Nury Mojica, Chester
Jose Montoya, Winchester
Jacqueline Moore, Henrico
Michelle Moore, Richmond
Albert Morales, Arlington
Stan Morcz, Richmond
Heather Muzia, Richmond
Ivonne Navarro, Charlottesville
Julius Nelson, Centreville
Alfonso Nevarez, Loudoun
Moises Nucamendi, Roanoke
Alfred Ochs, Richmond
Bienvenida Ochs, Richmond
Paz Ochs, Richmond
Sarah Okolita, Richmond
Noelia Olivera, Manassas
Lizete Olmos, Alexandria
Carmen Orozo-Acosta, Farifax
Dawn Ortiz, Winchester
Jorge Ortiz, Richmond
Ruth Ortiz, Arlington
Alma Ortman, Richmond
Melitsa Otero, Roanoke
Blanca Oyola, North Chesterfield
Aida Pacheco, Mechanicsville
Miguel Paez, Richmond
Ramos Pagan, North Chesterfield
Nicholas Pagano, Richmond
Jose Paiz, Arlington
Luis Parada, Fairfax
Rigo Parada, Petersburg
Kelly Paredes, Annandale
Rita Parrilli, Alexandria
Carmen Pastor, Arlington
Susan Pastore, Richmond
Cathy Patterson, Mechanicsville
Remberto Pedraja, Richmond
Barbara Perez, Richmond
Martin Perez, Henrico
Monica Perez, Henrico
Tiffany Perez, Winchester
Dominick Pillot, Annadale
Catherine Pino, Falls Church
Margaret Pochucha, Midlothian
Evelyn Ponce, Charlottesville
Evelia Porto, Richmond
Liliana Puppi-Redfern, Glen Allen
Yolanda Puyana, Roanoke
hector quinones, Richmond
Sonja Quintana, North Chesterfield
John Quintanilla, Winchester
Roberto Quintero, Norfolk
Ana Raika, Midlothian
Kamran Raika, Midlothian
Levi Ramirez, Roanoke
Frank Ramos, Bristow
Maribel Ramos, Alexandria
Jacqueline Restrepo, Charlottesville
Felecia Revis, Richmond
Alejandro Reyes, Richmond
Milagros Richards, Richmond
Elisa Rios, Richmond
Maria Rios, Winchester
Michelle Risi, Richmond
Andy Rivera, Arlington
Ramona Rivera, Roanoke
Alma Robinson, Richmond
Eva Rocha, Richmond
Gloria Rockhold, Charlottesville
Nancy Rodrigues, Surry
Santos Rodrigues, Reston
Alex Rodriguez, Annandale
Alexander Rodriguez, Richmond
Cecily Rodriguez, Richmond
Jorge Rodriguez, North Chesterfield
Lovia Rodriguez, Fredericksburg
Stephanie Rodriguez, Richmond
Rosa Rodriguez-Finch, Richmond
Giancarla Rojas, Arlington
Gianeuvla Rojas, Falls Church
Milenia Rojas, Fairfax
Roger Rojas, Arlington
Jordan Romeo, Richmond
Ilda Romero, Roanoke
Jose Romero, Roanoke
Mauricio Romero, Richmond
Sal Romero, Harrisonburg
Lawrence Romo, Arlington
TOney Rosado, Ashland
Dolores Rubalcava, Arlington
Leslie Rubio, Montpelier
Norma Ryan, Henrico
Sharon Saldarriaga, Glen Allen
Jenniffer Saltos, Virginia Beach
Nelly Samaniego, Falls Church
Kenn Sanchez, Richmond
Laura Sanchez, Chesterfield
Tico Sanchez, Richmond
Maria Sanchez-Carlo, Alexandria
Christina Sanchez-Jones, Roanoke
Vivian Sanchez-Jones, Roanoke
Juan Santacoloma, Chesterfield
Alejandra Santaolla, Arlington
Deborah Santiago, Arlington
Providencia Santiago, Glen Allen
Ivette Santiago-Childs, Richmond
Gerson Santos, Centreville
JoAnn Santos, Richmond
Puentes Sarah, Richmond
Robert Scott, Arlington
Rafael Segovia, Richmond
Marco Segura, Fairfax
Santa Sergio De Haven, Midlothian
Olmer Serpas, Falls Church
Vilma Seymore, Richmond
Lupe Silva- Krause, Alexandria
Larry Smith, Richmond
Luisa Soaterna, Stafford
Carlos Sol, Henrico
Alexandra Solorzano, Charlottesville
Kit Sontos, Richmond
Jose Sorto, Woodbridge
Lucero Soto-Wiley, Norfolk
Luz Stroh, Arlington
Zuraya Tapia- Hadley, Arlington
Elliott Teddy, Richmond
Walter Tejada, Arlington
Bonita Thomas, Richmond
Wendy Thompson, Arlington
Andres Tobar, Arlington
Maria Torren Gomez, Richmond
Candice Torres, Winchester
Jeff Toussaint, Virginia Beach
Monica Trinidad, Arlington
Spencer Turner, Richmond
Miguel Urbiztondo, Richmond
Ramani Urbiztondo, Richmond
Gabriela Uro, Arlington
Ana Valentin, Alexandria
Karen Vallejos, Arlington
Ashley Valo, Richmond
Nella Vargas, Fairfax
Yarlene Vasquez, Arlington
Mayra Vasquiz, Henrico
Rosa Vazquez, Richmond
Gus Vega, Richmond
Ivon Vega, Richmond
Mathew Velasquez, Richmond
Victor Velasquez, Roanoke
Alice Velazquez, Richmond
Rocio Velazquez, Midlothian
Phylis Vergales, Glen Allen
Denise Vicente, Midlothian
Myrna Vilaro, Richmond
Xavier Vilaro, Henrico
John Villamil-Casanova, Prince William
Heidi Villanueva, Midlothian
Amalia Villar, Arlington
Gianfrano Villar, Charlottesville
Rosa Villoch, Lorton
Helena Vincentelli, Charlottesville
Emma Violand, Arlington
Maria Eugenia Violand, Arlington
Corazon Vito, Midlothian
Lisa Williams, Chesterfield
Rita Willis, Henrico
Jasmina Zulic, Richmond

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