Terry McAuliffe for Governor

African Americans for Terry

Terry McAuliffe is committed to supporting Virginia's African American Community. As Governor, McAuliffe will build on his record of reaching out to solicit talent and advice from this historic community.

Terry McAuliffe:
Putting Virginia First

Ken Cuccinelli:
Focused On His Own Agenda

Terry Will Build a Strong Economy: As Governor, Terry will work to create jobs and make Virginia the best state for business. By building on our strengths and diversifying our economy we can create the foundation for years of prosperity.

Cuccinelli Called President Obama and His Team "The Biggest Set of Lawbreakers:" In his book, Cuccinelli called President Obama and his team "the biggest set of lawbreakers in America."

Terry Will Support Small and Minority Businesses: Terry is a strong supporter of the work of the Department of Minority Business Enterprise. Terry will ensure that support for minority businesses increases under his administration.

Cuccinelli Would Deny Emergency Care to the Uninsured: On the issue of health care, Cuccinelli sponsored controversial legislation that would allow hospitals to fingerprint individuals who could not pay for emergency medical services. As Attorney General, Cuccinelli supported dialing back EMTALA, the law signed under President Reagan that requires emergency rooms to provide services to individuals regardless of ability to pay. When asked what would happen to people in need of care who couldn't afford treatment, Cuccinelli responded, "human beings will adjust."

Terry Will Increase Support for Home Health Care: Virginia can save money and improve our seniors' quality of life by making it easier and more affordable for Virginians to get home health care from a qualified provider.

Cuccinelli Criticized Medicare Part D as an Example of "Using Taxpayer Dollars to Buy Seniors' Votes": In his book, The Last Line of Defense, Cuccinelli wrote, "We don't have to go too far to find examples of conservatives going astray. One such example was the creation of a subsidized prescription drug program for senior citizens called Medicare Part D. It was the largest entitlement program in forty years, and it was created under Republican president George W. Bush and passed by a Republican-controlled House and a Republican-controlled Senate in 2003. While there may have been some good intentions involved, this was George W. Bush using taxpayer dollars to buy seniors' votes for his 2004 reelection campaign, pure and simple. And the Republicans in Congress generally went right along with it."

Terry Will Support the Expansion of Medicaid: Terry also believes strongly in supporting Virginia's struggling families by supporting President Obama's plan to expand Medicaid. Expanding Medicaid coverage would be a lifesaver for hundreds of thousands of Virginians, a cost saver for the state, and a job saver for our health care industry. This would create at least 33,000 direct new health care jobs by 2021 and provide coverage for around 400,000 Virginians.

Cuccinelli Attacked People on Medicare and Social Security: In his book, Cuccinelli attacks people who paid into Medicare and Social Security as "dependent on government."

Terry Will Defend the Right to Vote: Terry has a long record of defending voting rights, believing that the right to vote is fundamental, and must be defended from voter suppression efforts. All Virginians must oppose efforts to make it harder for people to vote on Election Day, including attempts to make it more difficult to register new voters, or purge certain existing voters from the rolls.


Terry Increased the Role of African Americans in Democratic Party Leadership: Bringing African Americans into the leadership of the Democratic Party is the hallmark of Terry's legacy as Chairman of the DNC. Terry founded the first ever African American Leadership Council in 2003.

Terry Will Support Automatic Restoration of Voting Rights: Terry is a strong believer in the idea that once you've paid your debt to society, you should be able to participate in the civic process, including voting.

Terry Will Support Virginia's Schools: If Virginia is going to have a strong economy, it absolutely must have a world-class education system. As Governor, Terry will work to reform the SOLs, support teachers and school systems, and create an education system that works for all of our kids.

African Americans for Terry Members:

Adisa Muse
Al Brooks
Alice Alston
Alleane Lawrence
Allen Crawley
Alma Anderson
Alys Fentress
Amaka Gosset
Amelia Lightner
Andrea Jackson
Angela Moody
Arhtur Burton
Ashley Reynolds
Atima Omara-Alwala, YDA President
Audra Crawley
Beatrice Clark
Betty Spencer
Brenda Hale
Bruce Twyman
Bunny Scoggins
Byron Hamlar
C. J. Frank
C. Reneta Major
Calvin Gilliam
Carla Bailey
Carla Wiley
Carletta Wilson
Carlton Stockton
Carolyn Harden
Catherine Steve
Cathey Strong
Charles Willis
Commonwealth Attorney Anton Bell
Commonwealth Attorney Cassandra Conover (Petersburg)
Commonwealth Attorney Howard Gwynn (Newport News)
Commonwealth Attorney Michael Herring (Richmond)
Congressman Bobby Scott
Constance Kelly-Rice
Corey Boone
Cornelius Warren
Correll Townes
Cydny Neville
Cynthia Downs-Taylor
Daphne Reid
David Lambert
Deborah Johnson
Deborah Roundtree
Delegate Algie T. Howell, Jr.
Delegate Charniele L. Herring
Delegate Daun S. Hester
Delegate Delores L. McQuinn
Delegate Dr. Fergie Reid
Delegate Jeion A. Ward
Delegate Jennifer L. McClellan
Delegate Lionell Spruill, Sr.
Delegate Luke E. Torian
Delegate Mamye E. BaCote
Delegate Mary Christian
Delegate Matthew James
Delegate Onzlee Ware
Delegate Rosalyn R. Dance
Delegate Roslyn C. Tyler
Denise McPhail
Deshundra Jefferson
Destiny Aigbe
Diane Raulston
Dietra Trent
Donald Hairston
Donyata Washington
Dora Muhammad
Dorothy Gamble
Dr. Adrienne Slaughter
Dr. Bernadine Futrell
Dr. Joyce Glaise
Dr. Ruth Howell Baxter
Earl R. Brown
Ebony Guy
EJ Scott
Elaine Moore
Elizabeth Jones, Candidate for HD 16
Elizabeth Nathanson
Erdley Bent
Eric Anderson
Eric Knighton
Esther Friend
Eugene Radliff
Evandra Thompson
Evelyn Morris-Harris, DBCV
F. Louise Diaz-Jenkins
Gaylene Kanoytan, 1st Vice Chair DPVA
George Morrison
Gladys Hardy
Gloria Brown
Gracie Stewart
Gwen Byrd
Helen Reynolds
Herman Ward
Howard A. Foard III
Howard A. Foard Jr.
Ida Edwards
Jamal Gunn
James Wallace
Jamie White
Janessa Lewis
Jennifer Bodiie
Jessica Jessie
JJ Minor
Jo Neville
Joe Jenkins
John Bell
John Boyd
John Fudge, Sr.
Jon C. King
Joni Ivey
Joyce Lee
Joyce Sanders
Judy Millner
June Banks
Karen Bennett
Katie West
Keith Taylor
Kevin Chandler
Keyanna Conner
Kismet Nettles
LaDonna Saunders
Larius L. Blount Sr.
LaTriece Prince-Wheeler
Laura Gall
Les Smith, Candidate for Sheriff (Chesapeake)
Letitia Frank
Lily Brabble
Linda Burghe
Linda Roberts
Lois Hairston
Margarat Stockton
Mark Cannady
Mark Peterson
Martin Taylor
Mary Bryant
Mary Harwell
Mary Tisdale- Talbert
Mary Williams
Mayor Bill Ward
Mayor Kenny Wright
Mayor McKinley Price
McKinley Jordan
Michael Futrell, Candidate for HD 2
Monica Wiley
Monika Jones
Monique Raulston Laws
Monte Johnson, Candidate for HD 10
Muriel Maize
Nancy Barbour
Olga Armstrong
Ophelia Daniels
Pamela Chesson
Pat Lightfoot, DBCV
Phyllis Randall
PJ Palmer
Purcell G. Bailey
Rene' L. Rice
Rivera Williams
Robert Stewart
Ryan Myers
Samuel Batts
Sandee Smith
Sandra Antoine
Sandra Jennings
Sarah Wiggins
School Board Member Chris Lewis
School Board Member James Lander
School Board Member Jeff Bourne
School Board Member Lamont Bagby
School Board Member Lillie Jessie
Selonia Miles
Senator Donald McEachin
Senator Henry Marsh
Senator Kenny Alexander
Senator Louise Lucas
Senator Maime Locke
Shanica Pridgen
Sheriff Vanessa Crawford
Sherman Lea, Jr.
Sherron Day
Shirley Johnson
Shirley Lee
Susan Hippen, Candidate for HD 21
Sylvia Wood
Tammi Lambert
Terrell Kingwood
Terron Sims
Terry Binford
Hon. Angelia Williams
Hon. Anita Price
Hon. Anthony Burfoot
Hon. Betty Squire
Hon. Brenda Pelham
Hon. Cliff Hayes
Hon. Cynthia Newbille
Hon. Dr. Ella Ward
Hon. Ellen Robertson
Hon. George Wallace
Hon. Joe Whitaker
Hon. John Taylor Chapman
Hon. Lue Ward
Hon. Michelle Mosby
Hon. Shalva Braxton
Hon. Sherman Lea
Hon. Will Moffett
Thelma Hinton
Thomas Francis
Tiara Bethea
Tim Allen, Candidate for Sheriff
Tim Reid
Tony Fairfax
Tony Millner
Tracey Holland
Traci DeShazor
Treasurer Kevin Brown
Tyra Fitch
Vaughnchette Rudisill
Venus Lawrence
Watt Brabble
William Harden
William Quarles, Candidate for HD 65
Willie Brown
Yolonda Faulkner
Yvonne Leonard
Yvonne Smith-Jones
Zakiya Worthey

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